Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Need an unsightly stump removed? Contact us for stump removal services now!

Not only can we remove the tree but we can also provide follow-up stump grinding services to keep your yard looking clean. Whether we removed the tree or someone else did, we are able to quickly and safely grind the stump with little to no impact on your surrounding lawn and leave you a nice place to either plant a future tree or just plant some grass.


  1. Grind and go -This is the most affordable option where we simply come in and grind the stump and leave all grindings (mulch) on site
  2. Grind and level - this is where we grind the stump and haul away all of the excess mulch leaving just a small mound to allow for settling.

CallĀ (417) 365-2363 today for stump grinding services in Springfield, MO, and surrounding areas today!